Q1. Is the human hair cuticle aligned?

A: Yes, It is full cuticle aligned hair without no chemicals. It is 100% original raw unprocessed virgin human hair.

Q2. I found a vendor with less expensive price, why you charge more?

A: Please do not compare wigs, or any hair products by Data or Description. Products are quite different even if they are the same Grade, from material, quality, ratio and length. Please test my hair, I am confident that Hair by Yvette are very competitive in the market.

Q3. How long does the human wig or human bundles last?

A: Human hair wigs and Human hair bundles can last over three years, especially if you treat it and care for it as your own hair and with proper care. If you buy 100% virgin hair, it will last for over two years.

Q4. How long does Synthetic wigs last?

A: Sythetic wigs can last over one year with proper care, shampoo, maintenance procedures.

Q5. How many pieces (bundles) I need to make my own wigs?

A: For a full head, it can take at least 3 bundles of human hair weft, depending it can be 4 bundles. If fine hair than about 3 bundles, for thicker appearance 4 bundles. Any left over hair, you can use it for another wig making. If you are making a 18" wig, you might need another hair bundle.